Saturday, November 06, 2010

What is Release Management?

I have been working as a Deployment Engineer for a SaaS company for about two years. We have an opening for a Technical Operations Release Manager. The job description can be seen at, req number 9640.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The prodigal son is back

Wow, it has been a while since I last posted on my blog. I have been on a hiatus and the few fans have be disappointed with my me. Well I am back and I will be posting updates regulary. Will it be too much ask wish me "Good Luck"?

Friday, September 07, 2007

Business to Business competitive intelligence

A recently released white paper by reveals some interesting statistics on Business to business competitive intelligence.

It is a great article which can be downloaded in pdf format from the website. You would have to register to download but the registration process was pretty much straightforward.

What is online competitive intellegence? In my view, online competitive intellegence involves gathering information about your competitors with the main aim of improving your search engine ranking. This involves checking up on your competitors through the majar search engines to identify strategies to improve your ranking. We all know that having the best ranking reaps in revenure. Search engine optimization(SEO) and Search engine marketing (SEM) have become buzzwords in today's marketing and sales departments.

The article lists some steps to help you get started with gathering and analyzing competitive intelligence.

1. Identify the competitors you want to track.
2. Search and determine which search/directory sites you want to use to monitor your competitors.
3. Establish your baseline.
4. Develop an expertise in keyword research
5. Know your competitor's site and broader online marketing practices

Let me repeat that this article is a great first step to understanding competitive intelligence.

About is a search engine which focusses on Business to Business search. It's sister website, focusses on small business guides targeted towards small and medium scale businesses. The site lists hundreds of guides tackling many topics, from how to build a pool hall, doing business in Ghana to how to fire a family member from your business.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Social Networking Craze in Ghana.

Myspace might not be popular in African Countries but other social networking sites are extremely popular. I decided to find out which one's were most popular amongst Ghanaians.

Hi5 Men 88000 + Women 33000 = 121000 100,180

Wow. What a cash cow waiting to be milked. I don't think that social networking sites understand the huge potential here. To understand how significant this is, lets look at some figures about Ghana.

General Population = 22,931,299
Literacy rate = 13,000,000
GDP per capita = $2,700.00

It costs about $1.00 an hour to browse the Internet.

What are social networking sites doing to tap this huge potential? Advertising could be huge here. Don't you think?


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Work on an ICT post office at Sekondi begins

The management of Ghana Post has decided to include Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) facilities to post offices in the country.

Mr Kofi Dua-Adonteng, Managing Director of Ghana Post who announced this said a post office equipped with ICT facilities was ideal with the current development in information technology. He was speaking at a sod cutting ceremony for the construction of a GH=A2 140,000 (1.4 billion cedis) post office equipped with Internet facilities and a conference hall at Sekondi.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Getting the pit ready for summer.

Have you read my blog entry Welcome to the pit ?. Well lets get an update. Connie and poonie still hang out. We still have fires but not on friday nites. I have to work on Friday's now. I was "promoted" to the Network Operations Dept at callwave . THe crew hang out here without me. Too bad. But, the backyard is getting there. Getting ready for the summer.

Summer in Santa Barbara is my favorite time of the year. It kicks off with the Summer Solstice parade . The whole city hangs out on State Street partying. The parade is one of the most anticipated days of the year. It kicks off the party. The party gets better. Then comes Fiesta , the week long party. People come for far to revel in the fun atmosphere. Let me see. Micheal Jordan serves drinks at O'malley's. Hey,I am not pulling your leg. I saw him with my own eyes.Well, not exactly true. With the aid of my eye glasses (I am half blind). But it was him.

So lets see, what is the agenda for the pit. We are trying to get it ready for the solstice party. The backyard will be cleared. Hammocks, barbeque pit and ... who knows, a hot tub. I will post some pictures soon but if you dare, make it to the pit on June 23rd. You wont regret you did.