Saturday, April 07, 2007

Welcome to the pit.

The pit is the place to talk, air out your feelings, listen to everyone's day. A nice, sometimes flaming fire, a bottle of tequila, a few good friends makes a happy fire. The pit has heard a lot. Well, if it has ears. Only if it recorded the conversations. It is a place to come back after the clubs for an after party, singing and dancing to some Fela music.

Friday nites are the best. Many have come and gone. The pit still stays. If you ever come by, bring a bottle and dont be afraid to hang out with Connie and Ponnie, my racoons. Yes .... racoons. The pit is built in a garden .... ok. I am exagerating .... a bush.... well a half-kept bush.

Well, summer is almost here so bring your applications. Minimum requirements ---- a good attitude, appreciation for African music and some good stories. Welcome to the pit.