Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ghana on Travel channel

My friend Levi tipped me to a documentary on the travel channel on Ghana. I wrote a work.com guide for doing business in Ghana . Details on the travel channel documentary can be found here.

It was fun to see the old neighbourhood of Osu where I grew up playing soccer on the streets and chasing small fish through drains. Osu was a small town back in the early eighties. It is most famous for its night market where you can come back to some kenkey and fish after a drunken nite at the nite clubs. The food vendors start preparing smoked fish at 9pm in the evening. The smell of banku, fried fish, smoked salmon emanate from the tents. Ahh, those days. After a coke bottle of apio, a hot plate of domedo and apkle is in order. And for Christ sake, you could buy food on credit and pay Auntie Akwele after you collected your weekly paycheck. All you had to do was to keep the tally on Auntie Akwele's board in charcoal. Dont even dare to cheat her. She has a photographic memory and can remember what your tally was from the year before. I tell you. I am not joking.

It was also good to see Koo Nimo on the documentary. Koo Nimo is a lecturer at the University of Science and Technology, my alma-mater. A very humble man, Koo Nimo is one of the few who are trying to preserve the rich culture of the Ashanti's. Here is some info about Koo Nimo.

Anyway, i will not burden you with the details. If you are interested in Ghana and dont know how find more information, then let me introduce you to a powerful tool .

Some definitions for you.

kenkey - A thick round dough made from maize. The main staple food of the Ga's
Ashanti - not the singer. One of the most powerful tribes in Africa
apio - dont ask me - powerful liqor. Tequila can not even come close
domedo - fried pork feet

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