Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mr Bourg- The good sherperd

Welcome, Mr Bourg. My good friend. How are you doing? My good friend Carville is back in town from the holidays. Carville is one on the friends in my clique, the CIA.

C - Carville
I - Ivan
A - Akwasi

The CIA have been hanging out for a long time. The unfortunate thing is that we have not hanged out for a while. The great thing is that we all support different football teams in California.

Akwasi - Oakland Raiders
Carville - San Diego Chargers
Ivan - San Francisco 49ers

Of course, it is playoff time and well.... the chargers are the only ones in playoff contention. Ok Ok. we all have to support our friend. We hate it but love it at the same time. Well I can not speak about Ivan. He won some money from Carville . wooo yeah.
Well I am glad the CIA is back. Welcome the Good Sherperd. ....

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