Friday, May 25, 2007

Dell and Ubuntu. Welcome to the desktop

If you did not know that I am open-source evangelist, you might not have read my posts. I finally got myself rid of Microsoft XP on my 3 year old laptop. Yep, I did it. Afterall, it was pretty hypocritical for me to write a Guide to Using Linux for your Desktop and not be using Linux on a regular basis. My distribution of choice? Ubuntu Linux. I guess I was feeling "continentalistic" (Ubuntu means humanity to others in an African language). Ok seriously, I chose Ubuntu because Dell chose it. Yep Dell is going to start shipping linux boxes preloaded with Ubuntu. Ubuntu is based on Debian. I have
always used Fedora so I had a brief learning curve with Ubuntu but all is well. I am loving it.

The install process was smooth. Since I always install via ftp, I was not impressed with the number of ftp mirrors available to me. Installing my wireless card took a while and I am yet to get Apache working well with php. That is my next project. I will keep you posted.

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