Friday, May 25, 2007

Four things linux skeptics dont understand about Linux

Read this blog post on ZDnet. It talks about 5 things the Linux community does not understand about the average computer user.
Lets list them

1 - On the whole, users aren’t all that dissatisfied with Windows
2 - Too many distros
3 - People want certainty that hardware and software will work
4 - As far as most people are concerned, the command line has gone the way of the dinosaur
5 - Linux is still too geeky

I could not help but agree with some of the points that Adrian made in his post. Linux really has a ways to go if it wants to make a foray onto the average computer user's desktop. But and I repeat but it will. Maybe I will volunteer 5 things the Linux skeptics dont understand about the linux community.

1. If you build it, they will come

Lets face it. Advertising brings in sales. You can not buy what is not there. The average household buys a preinstalled computer. If the computer has Windows loaded on it, well then you got it. Preinstalled linux computers are going to place the linux distribution where it matters most, right at the doorstep of the consumer. If the computer does what it expected to do, how could you be dissatisfied? The more vendors whom support Linux, the higher the adoption rate.

2. United we stand. The linux community is determined.

Capitalism made the world individualistic and focused on the corporation. To make a lot of money, you start design a product, patent or copyright it, start a company, market it, take the company public and then retire. Products are closed source. You bought it the way it was and depended on the company selling the product for support. In most cases, it is not allowed to modify the product in any way even if it worked better. Linux changed the way we thought about products. In a way, Linux employs (might I dare to say) "communismistic" ideology. It belongs to all of us. Lets help each other and make it work.

3. Variety is the spice of life.

Since when did we get too tired of things to choose from? Is that not what appeals to everyone? Wont we be bored otherwise? Well lets see, Vista was released to almost no fanfare. Its the same thing over and over again. At least with Linux, there will be choices and it will appeal to the average consumer.

4. Linux works.

Once it is installed, it works. Plain and simple. It does not crash often, it is simple and does the simple tasks well. What does the average user want to do? Surf the net with Mozilla, write documents with open office, play music, watch dvds. Linux does it all.


Spincycle said...

The other BIG issue is multimedia. People want to play their MP3s, and on this front the apps are buggier than a tropical island.

Anonymous said...

4. Linux works.

That makes me sick. Linux works?? Don't make people believe that! The reason I post here is because I want to warn people that Linux does NOT work that well as they say. There are so many flaws in linux, just in the most basic things. I've only had trouble with Linux after installing it, and been on forums to find solutions. All I got were people trying to convince me that linux is perfect, and giving me USELESS links to keep me busy with trying to solve my problems with linux. The truth is: linux doesn't work and the community is more a religious group than a real contribution to society. That also explains all the different distros that are similar to all the different churches we know. All of them take a standpoint on their religion in which linux is god.